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Add AwayFind to your Google Apps domain:

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Walk away from your inbox, yet still get alerted to only the urgent emails. AwayFind turns urgent emails into SMS, Voice, iPhone, or Android notifications.  AwayFind was a featured Google partner in the launch of the Gmail contextual gadgets and is seamlessly integrated with Google Apps.

Right within Gmail, AwayFind users can set mobile alerts for sales leads, critical support issues, or timely deliverables.  These alerts take 1 second to turn on, and can be set to automatically expire.

Why over 2,000 businesses trust AwayFind:

Instant Priority Alerts: Some emails demand an immediate response. Sales opportunities, customers to support, last-minute meeting changes… users can set these and other emails to trigger instant mobile alerts.

Calendar-smart alerts: AwayFind automatically connects with Google calendar to notify users when they receive an email from someone in an upcoming appointment.

Salesforce-monitoring: AwayFind can connect with Salesforce to let you know when an email arrives that relates to a big opportunity.

No More Email Interruptions: It takes 4 minutes to get back on track from email interruptions. This adds up to hours every day, lost to interruptions.  Focus on what really matters and let AwayFind eliminate the need to be constantly check email.

Built for Google Apps: From user provisioning to setup, AwayFind is designed specifically for Google Apps.  Setup for users is as simple as entering a phone number or installing an iPhone/Android app.  Once setup, creating alerts is one click of a button.

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager