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Add FlashPanel to your Google Apps domain:

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager

BetterCloud’s team of expert developers is dedicated to building products that provide comprehensive security and management for Google Apps. With some of the top developers in the Google Apps ecosystem and extensive expertise building on Google App Engine, BetterCloud produces more intuitive and better performing apps for your organization.

BetterCloud is the maker of FlashPanel, the number one Google Apps Management tool.


FlashPanel is a directory management and Google Drive security application that empowers Google Apps administrators by providing added controls, visibility, automation and more.

Features include:

  • Email Delegation and Audit
  • Organizational Unit and Group Management
  • Comprehensive Directory Management: Contacts can be managed individually, imported in bulk, or created automatically from personal contacts.
  • User Profile Self-Edit: Enables users to keep their own profile information up to date.
  • Apps Butler: End-users can access the corporate directory from any Google Talk chat client, including mobile devices.
  • Email Settings Policies: IT Administrators can specify Gmail settings for departments. This powerful feature allows you to configure Email Signatures, Send Mail As, Time Zone, and other settings.
  • Advanced Administrative Delegation: Offers powerful role delegation functions by supporting the concepts of delegates and constituents.
  • Contacts Auto-Sync for Mobile: Auto synchronizes the entire corporate directory with personal contacts so that information automatically flows out to mobile devices.
  • Google Docs Ownership Reassignment: Allows IT Administrators to reassign document ownership prior to user de-provisioning so that data is not destroyed.

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager