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Add Harvest to your Google Apps domain:

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager

Harvest is a leader in time tracking software. Harvest provides more than 10 easy ways for freelancers and teams to track time. Once the time is tracked, Harvest’s reports make it easy to analyze and understand the data. With Harvest it’s easy to manage business and bill clients for work. Plus, set up is simple. Within a few minutes customers can start tracking time and invoicing clients.

Integration with Google Apps

With Harvest for Google Apps, it’s easier than ever to track time and send invoices.

Submit timesheets directly within Gmail

  • Export reports to Google Docs
  • One-click sign in with your Google account
  • Fast and easy to set up!

Submit Timesheets from Gmail

  • Receive a timesheet reminder e-mail, enter your time for the week, and submit it for approval. All from your inbox. It’s that easy.

Export Reports into Google Docs

  • Create a custom report in Harvest. Specify by timeframe, employee, and more.
  • Export to Google Docs to splice the data and share with colleagues, accountants and bookkeepers.

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager