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Add Lucidchart to your Google Apps domain:

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager

Lucidchart provides collaborative online diagramming to make it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more. With Lucidchart, you can work together with an unlimited number of others to create and edit diagrams in real time — great for team collaboration and working with clients.  Lucidchart is also the only web-based application that supports import of native Microsoft Visio (.vsd) files, and also the only application that supports exporting back to Visio.

Hundreds of Templates and Examples:

  • Flowcharts
  • UML
  • ERD
  • Wireframing / Mockups
  • Network Diagrams
  • Business Process Models
  • Org Charts
  • Mind Maps

Powerful and Easy to Use:

  • Choose from hundreds of shapes
  • Autoprompt for quickly adding and connecting objects
  • Drag and drop to add your own images
  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPG and VDX (Microsoft Visio)
  • Embed diagrams in blogs or wikis
  • Interactive mockups with hotspots and states
  • Import documents from Microsoft Visio (VSD and VDX)


  • Real time collaboration with changes synced instantaneously
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators
  • Powerful version control, with full revision history
  • Group chat
  • Share custom images and templates across your organization

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager