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Enterprises everywhere are rapidly moving to cloud application services to power their core business processes. The ability of an organization to rapidly search, identify and verify who is accessing these services is a critical aspect of meeting security and compliance requirements. They need a solution to help them adopt, deploy, secure and manage these services. Okta is that solution.

Okta is the market leading on-demand identity and access management service that enables enterprises to accelerate the secure adoption of their web based applications, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. Okta delivers a complete solution addressing the needs of IT, end-users, and business leaders; no customization required. Here are just a few of the key business challenges that the Okta service can help you solve today:

  • Single Sign On: As multiple applications are deployed, end – users quickly become overwhelmed managing multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords.
  • Automate User Management: Okta’s robust user management capability spans user import, provisioning, de-provisioning, and password synchronization.
  • Extend Active Directory: Integrate once with Active Directory and federate your corporate identities to all of your SaaS applications.
  • Manage Compliance and ROI: Businesses today are faced with a myriad of regulatory obligations that require them to securely control access to critical applications and data

Okta is a simple and flexible solution that enables you to securely manage all your web applications regardless of the authentication and user management methods they support or whether they run inside or outside the corporate firewall. Okta requires no up-front investments in hardware, software, or development time. A consumer-like experience for users and simple but robust directory and application integrations for administrators enable Okta to deliver cloud SSO, user management, and analytics for all your organization’s web applications in minutes rather than months. With Okta—whether you need a solution for a single application or all your web applications—your cloud is covered.

With a catalog of pre-integrated applications and deep integration with Active Directory, Okta provides IT centralized user provisioning, access management, and reporting. Every end user gets a personalized, single sign-on home page for all of their applications, and business leaders get the insight they need to maximize ROI and track compliance.

The Okta Application Network includes all of the key business applications you need from vendors such as Google, CloudSherpas,, Workday and to name a few. Whether you are subscribing to applications as a service, or running them behind the firewall Okta can help.

Okta has released a purpose built Google product called Directory Integration Edition for Google. Google Apps is becoming increasingly important for many organizations as a key productivity tool for email and collaboration for virtually every employee. However, as a web application that’s separated from your on-premises IT infrastructure, Google Apps presents identity and access management challenges for both users and administrators.

Users struggle to remember their usernames and passwords, leading to distracting password reset requests that administrators must process quickly to keep users productive. Additionally, when a new employee joins your organization, they need rapid access to perform their daily tasks. When an employee leaves, their accounts must be promptly deactivated to preserve the integrity of any critical application data they may have had access to.

Provisioning and deprovisioning Google Apps accounts is a manual, time-consuming, error-prone process. Google does provide a tool called Google Apps Directory Sync that connects with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to help with the initial Google Apps rollout by performing a one-time sync based on Active Directory records. However, Google Apps Directory Sync is not integrated into all of the apps Google offers (for example, Postini, Analytics, and AdWords), and it doesn’t natively provide ongoing synchronization. It also doesn’t extend the integration to enable users to access Google Apps with their Active Directory password.

Finally, organizations that adopt Google Apps typically value the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) and also deploy many other rapidly growing cloud applications like Goto Meeting, NetSuite, Zoho, Zendesk and ADP, which exacerbates their single sign-on (SSO) and user management challenges. For the Okta Google Directory Integration product, pricing starts at $1/user/mo and drops with large volumes of users.

Okta’s initial service is built on a secure, reliable and extensible on-demand platform at AWS that will serve as the foundation upon which a core set of services will be delivered to eliminate cloud adoption barriers and unlock the potential of the cloud for enterprises everywhere.

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