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Add ShuttleCloud to your Google Apps domain:

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager

ShuttleCloud is a New York-based technology company focused on providing the most comprehensive data management and migration solutions for Google Apps administrators and users. ShuttleCloud’s deep integration with Google services has helped it to become the leader in Google Apps migration. We also partner with leading Google Apps resellers to provide top-tier migration services to their clients.

Self-Service Application
ShuttleCloud’s top-rated self-service email migration tool is available in the Google Apps Marketplace. Use ShuttleCloud when:

  • Moving to Google Apps:  Ideal for individuals and businesses moving to Google Apps for the first time.
  • Archiving Employee Data: Archive the email, contacts, calendars and documents for departing employees.
  • Transferring Employee Data: Copy the data from one Google Apps account to another as new employees join your team.

Moving Between Google Apps Accounts
ShuttleCloud offers a guided managed migration service for businesses looking to migrate data between Google Apps domains.  ShuttleCloud’s proven domain migration process transfers an extensive array of Google data and settings while maintaining zero email downtime and minimizing business inconvenience.  Use ShuttleCloud during:

  • Corporate Re-branding: Change your primary domain name.
  • Mergers: Merge multiple domains into a single primary domain or multiple secondaries.
  • Acquisitions: Smoothly migrate and transition users from an acquired company.
  • Divestitures: Move the user data when spinning off employees into another entity.

Migration portals for universities and business
ShuttleCloud’s custom migration portals allow businesses and universities to provide their users with a fully custom-branded self-service migration experience.  Built on ShuttleCloud’s successful self-service application and coupled with custom logos and color-branding, these portals allow for a simple and seamless transition to Google Apps.

ShuttleCloud Migration Portal

Vast Google Apps Support: ShuttleCloud migrates…

  • Email (attachments, folders/labels, read/unread status, stars)
  • Documents (including sharing settings)
  • Calendars (primary & secondaries including sharing settings)
  • Contacts
  • Sites (including sharing settings)
  • Chats
  • Users
  • Groups (including members & access settings)
  • Nicknames/Aliases

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager