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Add Yesware to your Google Apps domain:

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager

Yesware is a Gmail productivity service to help you close deals faster and make more
money. Yesware provides email tracking & analytics, customizable sales templates,
CRM integration and more to help salespeople communicate with customers more

  • Email Tracking – When you send a tracked email, Yesware can detect who opened it, which device they used, when and even where they read it. Since you’ll be instantly notified you’ll never have to guess open rates again.
  • Templates – In the Yesware Toolbar you can customize templates, select the appropriate one to use and quickly add it to your email. You can even share your most successful templates with your team to keep messaging consistent.
  • CRM Sync – When you enable your CRM’s BCC address in the Yesware Toolbar your conversations will be automatically added to your CRM – slashing your data entry time per customer.

Yesware also provides reports and analytics to quickly understand your team’s performance. You’ll learn how your team’s messaging is resonating with the target market and monitor their activity without having to rely on manual data entry.

Yesware is free to download and $4.95 per user per month for unlimited tracking events. There are volume discounts for teams and an Enterprise version for companies with more than 100 Yesware users.

Install SherpaTools Directory Manager